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Convert AutoCAD to Photoshop in C# Using Aspose.CAD REST API Throwing Not Found Error

    I get an error of "Not Found" when ı use GetDrawingSaveAsRequest method.
    File path and file name is correct
        var getSaveRequest = new GetDrawingSaveAsRequest((storeID.ToString()+"_"+ (db.PSD_Files.Max(x => x.PSD_ID) + 1).ToString()),"psd",context.Server.MapPath("app\\Psd_Files\\"), context.Server.MapPath(psdFileName + ".psd"));


The GetDrawingSaveAs API method is working fine on my end. Please note that the API converts supported files from cloud storage, so please double check the file path/availability in your cloud storage; it will resolve the issue.

CadApi cadApi = new CadApi(ClientSecret, ClientId);
            var name = "sample.dwg";
            var output_format = "png";
            var cloudFolder = "Temp";
            var outPath = "sample_cad.png";
            var storage = "MyDB_Storage";
            var request = new GetDrawingSaveAsRequest(name, output_format, cloudFolder, outPath, storage);
  • The storage DWGStorage was not found or is not associated with the application. when ı use uploadFileToCloudStorage method.
    var cadApi = new Aspose.CAD.Cloud.Sdk.Api.CadApi(“appKey”, “appSid”);
    var putCreateRequest =
    new UploadFileRequest(fileName, File.OpenRead(dataFilePath), “DWGStorage”);


Please double check the aspose.cloud dashboard for available storage names and pass the correct storage name in the API; it will resolve the issue.