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Convert AutoCAD DWG to PDF in C# Using Aspose.CAD REST API error

.NET Aspose.CAD-Cloud 20.11.0

I try to convert the DWG file with a very simple code:

const string AppKey = "XXXXXX41cab3b9b9ffb4de6716b4ad";
const string AppSid = "XXXXXX-13d9-4f18-b32a-1d2eb61a98eb";

string inputFilePath = "d:\\input.dwg";

var dwgDocument = File.Open(inputFilePath, FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read);

CadApi cadApi = new CadApi(AppKey, AppSid);

var result = cadApi.PostDrawingSaveAs(new PostDrawingSaveAsRequest(dwgDocument, "pdf"));

var fileStream = File.Create("d:\\output.pdf");

But, receive exception “Aspose.CAD.Cloud.Sdk.ApiException: 'Internal Server Error”

Also, I try to use code from https://github.com/aspose-cad-cloud/aspose-cad-cloud-dotnet/blob/master/Examples/Aspose.CAD.Cloud.Sdk.Examples/CADExamples.cs example. But, with the same result.


We are sorry for the inconvenience. I have tested the scenario with a sample DWG file and noticed the issue. So I logged a ticket(CADCLOUD-485) for further investigation and rectification. We will notify you as soon as it is resolved.

I also received the same error while converting DWG file to PDF.


Kindly share your sample document with us as well. We will test if it is the same error or different.

Hello @tilal.ahmad ,
Do you have any ETA for this issue?
Thank you.


I am afraid the above issue is still pending for investigation in the queue. We will share an update/ETA with you as soon as we complete the issue investigation.