Conversion of PDF to an PNG Fails with a specific file

I am trying to convert a PDF into an image (just first page) and I am getting an error: An error occurred while sending the request.

The same code works for other conversions and I have used this same code for several years so I know that it works.

I upload the file to your storage and the issue the command to convert and download:

and it fails.

I have also tried to do this conversion using your free:

and that locks up and fails to convert to png too. So, I have a strong suspicion that your servers are having a problem with this specific file.

I have uploaded the file to google drive so you can test yourself:


We are investigating your issue and will share our findings with you shortly.


I have successfully converted your shared PDF document to PNG using the following API methods. Please share your sample code with us as well for further investigation.

GET ​/pdf​/{name}​/pages​/{pageNumber}​/convert​/png Convert document page to Png image and return resulting file in response.

PUT ​/pdf​/{name}​/pages​/{pageNumber}​/convert​/png Convert document page to png image and upload resulting file to storage.