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Content type in request body to convert Word Document to other formats with Aspose.Words Cloud API/


I used the API Reference which works ok, but it does not show what format the content of the document should be in.

I have tried several formats i.e. raw document, base64 etc.

tried specifying as document:
image.png (11.8 KB)

tried just including the content:
image.png (12.1 KB)

Same result every time 500 internal server error.

the example execution from the api test page just shows “-d {“document”:{}}” which doesnt really help


Thanks for your inquiry. Please check following documentation page, it will help you to understand the Convert API method.

Convert Word Document from Request Content to Specified Format

yes i had read all of that, but did not help.


Thanks for your feedback. The shared link has details for content type details for the source file. If it does not help, then please share some more details of the issue you are facing, so we will guide you accordingly.

-F document=@TableDocument.doc \
-H "Content-Type: multipart/form-data" \