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Compress and Encrypt PDF Documents Using Aspose.PDF REST API Pre Sales Questions

We need to automate a workflow around Adobe PDF files and would like to know which of your products will accomplish our goals.

Here is what we are trying to accomplish on a Windows Server 2012 R2 using scripts/command line/powershell/ batch processing:

  1. PDF file is uploaded to server and placed into a specific folder. (we will take care of the file upload and getting it to the correct folder).
  2. Compress/Reduce the size of the PDF file and set the reader compatibility to PDF Version 9.
  3. Rename file based on values provided by system/software application
  4. Password protect file using password provided by system/software application
  5. The compressed, renamed and password protected file is moved into storage contain in application SQL Server. (our application will take care of moving the file into the database)
  6. Delete uploaded file from server.
  7. Start process over with next file.

Basically we are looking for a library to integrate with our application to compress and encrypt PDF files. Our application will handle the work flow. The source PDF files will be medical records scanned from paper to a PDF file or the output file from and electronic medical record system.

As some point in the future we may add the ability to view the PDF files online through a browser.

Is this something your products can support?

Best regards,

Jared Vishney


Thanks for contacting Aspose Support.

Our Aspose.Pdf for .NET APIs will serve your purpose, compress and encrypt PDF documents. Please read following articles regarding Optimizing/Compressing PDF document, and Encrypting and Decrypting PDF files.

  1. Optimize PDF Document
  2. Encrypt and Decrypt PDF File

In case you are looking for REST APIs, please check Aspose.Pdf for Cloud APIs that offer same functionailty using Cloud APIs.

Should you have any queries please feel free to contact me.