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Comparing resized images issue

My goal is to verify that an image in a document comes from a scaled down or up full-sized image. I’m aware about resampling processes while resizing, and despite I even read somewhere there is no solution for this issue, and I haven’t found no one publishing they have got it, this is reason why, after testing several free APIs without success, I am now testing your API.

In my tests I firstly match the sizes and afterwards compare the images at the same size. Testing with your API, with the problems I’m having, the results are not being good by the moment.

Last week, testing image comparision, I reported "File path specification for images problem” (still waiting a final answer), after that I tried to use your API’s resizing functionality but found similar trouble to the already reported one.

Now, if you confirm me you have a solution for my goal, I will be glad to give you details about my problems with your API and wait for the responses, but if you don’t, I will stop testing your API by the moment. I work in a company focused on test automation systems and I found quite interesting some of your APIs for us, so maybe we would have another contact in the future.

Thanks a lot for your time in advance


We are already investigating the issue you reported in another post. We will share an update with you soon.

However, in reference to the above-mentioned resized image issue, we will appreciate it if you could please share more details of the issue you are facing along with sample images.

I’ve prepared a test for you:
1- I created a docx document by including Foto1.png in it.
2- I scale down the image in the Word document.
3- I save and name the docx as ASPOSE_Test.docx
4- I save ASPOSE_Test.docx as ASPOSE_Test.pdf from Word editor
5- I extract the image from the PDF as Foto2.png
6- I use AsposeTest.java to resize Foto2.png to match Foto1.png size and compare Foto2_resized.png with Foto1.png.
7- I would need the result of the comparision to be 100%, it would tell me Foto2.png comes from Foto1.png, but the similarity result is 80.26315.

In our production environment another tool will be used instead of Word, but in a similar way.
You will find attached the files referred to in this email.

ASPOSE_Test.zip (1.4 MB)

We have opened the following new ticket(s) in our internal issue tracking system and will deliver their fixes according to the terms mentioned in Free Support Policies.


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