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Cloud storage file retention policy of Aspose.Words Cloud API

What file retention exists for this service? Are the files deleted immediately after use?

Hi Harrison,

If you want to convert documents, then you can do it without uploading documents to any storage. You can send the documents in request body and get the output documents in response. Please check http://www.aspose.com/docs/display/wordscloud/Convert+Word+to+other+File+Formats+without+using+the+Cloud+Storage for more details.

If you want to use other features or want to upload your documents to Aspose for Cloud or any third party storage, then it is up to you how long you want to keep those documents. You can delete those documents immediately or later on using the example from https://docs.aspose.cloud/display/wordscloud/Working+with+Files+and+Storage+using+Aspose.Words+Cloud#WorkingwithFilesandStorageusingAspose.WordsCloud-DeletingafileonCloudStorage. Your documents are secure and no one else has access to your documents.

Please feel free to contact us in case you have further comments or questions.

Best Regards,

Getting it back in the response is what I’m referring to. I’d like to ensure you don’t keep a copy of it when we convert on the fly.

Hi Harrison,

We do not automatically save a copy of the documents and it is up to you if you want to keep a copy of the output documents on any Cloud storage. We support parameters to specify file name and storage if anyone wants to store a copy of the documents on any storage.

Best Regards,


As stated above, when you use the request body for file conversion we do not save it on cloud storage. However, in case you use cloud storage for file conversion/processing, we delete files from the cloud storage after a certain period based on the storage mode set for the cloud storage in aspose.cloud dashboard.