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CELLS. Hello my friend. Please help me

How i can send to you xls file and get back total page count? Can you write code for dart and flutter? I am not strong in programming yet. Thank you very much.


Please refer to get workbook API description on the online developer guide.
Currently, the SDK supports kinds of languages(Android, C#, Go, Java, NodeJS, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, and swift), but does not support dart and flutter.
Could you try to use the development languages we supported?

yes. can you write a code for nodeJs. Function for api. like: Future-int-getPages(File xlsDoc){return totalPages.length};

Please refer the following code:

const { CellsApi, CellsWorkbook_GetPageCountRequest } = require(“asposecellscloud”);

const cellsApi = new CellsApi(process.env.ProductClientId, process.env.ProductClientSecret);
var req = new CellsWorkbook_GetPageCountRequest({
name: “Book1.xlsx”,
folder : “CellsTest”
.then((result) => {