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Can't convert from Excel file to PDF in Aspose's Cloud (from 15-Feb-2016 23:40 GMT+07 to 16-Feb-2016 06:52 GMT+07)


Hi Chien,

Thank you for retesting the scenario. Please note, we are able to identify the problem cause for the said exception, and we are actively working to provide the fix for it. As soon as we have more updates in this regard, we will post here for your kind reference.


Great! Do you have an ETA when the fix will be released ? It was 10 days since we started to report this issue and we are facing some big issues with our clients regarding this problem. Thanks.


Hi again,

We are currently in discussion with the product team on this matter, and we will shortly get back with estimated time frame for the fix. Thank you for your patience.


Hi Chien,

This is to update you that the issue has been rectified in the code base and we are moving forward to test the fix before integrating it in the live service. I hope we will get back to you with good news during the upcoming week.


Hi Babar,

Do we have any good news on this issue ?



Hi Chien,

I am afraid, we haven’t received any updates except the one that I have already shared on Friday (last working day), however, I can see that the work is in progress on the ticket SAASCELLS-157. Moreover, I will check with the concerned member of the product team and share the latest updates at earliest possible.

Thank you for your patience with us.


Do you have any updates on this ?
Was the issue fixed ?


Hi Chein,

Thank you for your patience.

Please note, the issue has been fixed in the code base & tested, however, it has not been integrated with the live service yet. The deployment is scheduled for the upcoming Monday, 7th of March 2016. As soon as the fix is deployed, we will test it on our side before informing you here.


Hi Babar,

Has the fix been published now ?



Hi Tuan,

I am afraid, the fix hasn’t been deployed yet. I just had a discussion with the concerned member of my team and got to know that the task has been postponed a bit due to some errors in the tests that were found at the last moment and need fixing before deployment. We can definitely understand that how important this fix is to your application, and we are extremely sorry that the process is taking much time but I believe you can also understand that we cannot deploy a build that could create problems. I am in touch with the concerned team, and I will keep you posted with updates in this regard.

Please accept our sincere apologies for the delay in providing the fix for the said issue.


Hi again,

This is to update you that the fix has been integrated to the live service, and currently we are performing more tests to ensure the quality of the build. However, you may also test the scenario on your end as well. Please find the attachments for the PDF files generated against your provided spreadsheets.


Hi Babar,

Last night, I had noticed about errors when uploading files to Aspose’s Server (Step 01 of progress in convert pdf) in time range 14-Mar 21:53 GMT+07 to 14-Mar 23:26 GMT+07 . The response error as following :

{“Message”:“An error has occurred.”}

Do you have any update on Aspose’s server on that time ?

Currently (15-Mar 09:57 GMT+07), I have just tested it again and I don’t see that error.



Hi Chien,

We are sorry to know that you have faced problem with Aspose for Cloud service. I have requested the concerned member of my team to check your logs for possible cause of the mentioned error. We will shortly get back to you with updates in this regard.


Hi Babar,

Have you found out the cause of the issue ?




Hi Chien,

First of all, please accept our sincere apologies for a bit delayed response. Please note, the service disruption was caused due to server overload (huge traffic). The new server instance took some time to start and took over the requests therefore you have experienced the said issue during that time. We have deployed a workaround to avoid this situation in future and we will monitor the servers for some time to see if workaround has fully resolved the problem. In case you see any issue, please feel free to report it for thorough investigation.

That said, were you able to upload the specific file on cloud service after a few moments? If not, could you please share that particular sample?


Hi Aspose’s Support,

We have continued getting errors about uploading file to Aspose’s Server as following time (in GMT+07)
- 21/April : 00h01, 01h:35, 02:32 -> 02:48, 09h:16 -> 09h:27
- 20/April : 12h30,
19h20, 23h:30 -> 23h59
- 19/April : 08h01 -> 08h03, 09h58 -> 10h01

What’s wrong with Aspose’s Server on above time ?



Hi Chien,

Thank you for bringing this up. I have requested the concerned member of my team to investigate the matter and get back with updates in this regard. We will shortly respond back here.


Hi Chien,

Our product team is improving the service to resolve this issue completely. An update will be deployed today which will reduce the frequency of this issue, however, it will not be fixed completely with this update.

Further improvements are required to bring the frequency of this issue to zero and our team is working on these improvements to fix the issue as soon as possible. It will take a little more time to fix the issue.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Best Regards,


Hi Chien,

We have deployed a new service update. Please let us know if you notice this issue again.

Best Regards,


Hi Aspose’s support,

I still got errors about uploading files and converting files to Aspose server in 02/May/2016 and 04/May/2016 as following :

+ 02/May/2016 : from 06:17 AM to 06:26 AM GMT+07 (20 cases of “upload fail”, 10 cases of “can’t save excel to pdf” )
+ 04/May/2016 at 12:24 PM GMT+07 ( 1 case of upload fail )
What’s wrong with Aspose’s Server on above time ?