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Cannot generate an answer sheet using GUI application

I have been playing around with the GUI application to try and create a custom answer sheet. I’m following the syntax documentation that is provided here but anytime I create a text file using this syntax the resulting answer sheet is blank.

If I use the documentation for a regular answer sheet the corresponding sheet is generated.
What I want from my sheet is the following:

I want 6 main rows where each row has 11 columns, the first one being an empty space for the name, the next 9 columns I want to include 10 bubbles (I want these 10 bubbles to be split into 2 rows - 5 bubbles per row in these 9 columns that are inside the root row) and then I want the last column to again be an empty space for some handwritten text.

I want to just start by designing an answer sheet (on legal paper with a landscape orientation) to include 90 bubble answers and 9 columns. I am attaching the text file I am trying to use as well as an image of what I am looking foranswerSheet.zip (550.0 KB)

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Issue ID(s): OMRCLOUD-196

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