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Can the Aspose Site Monitor Be Improved to Detect when the Servers Are Down/Hung/Slow?

It looks like the slide cloud server was down for about 6 hours today. The status was never updated and it took a very long time for someone in ops to notice and restart the server.

It’s one thing for the site to go down, but it’s particularly annoying that the status never gets updated. It makes it really hard to develop a product around the aspose software.

Thank you for contacting support.

I’ve requested some information from our development team. We don’t know anything about this incident. Our services worked fine.

Could you please clarify what status are you talking about?

APOSE site status at:

Site was returning 502 bad gateway/timeout errors this morning. We made no changes either before it stopped working or after it started.

I get that services go down, but it would be helpful if APOSE updated https://status.aspose.cloud/ to provide accurate information. Always showing everything “green” isn’t helpful.

Thank you for the additional information. I will send your request to our DevOps team.

Could you please reboot the servers as quickly as possible so our applications are not hung!

I’ve passed your information to our developers. We are checking the incident(SLIDESCLOUD-1407).