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Bug in API endpoint's response body - Appends ".zip" to file name inappropriately

POST ​/cells​/{name}​/SaveAs

I’m passing my name of “FedEx.xlsx” and newfilename of “FedEx.csv”

The action works properly and when I check my storage it is properly named “FedEx.csv”; however the return response that I get is:

  "SaveResult": {
"Documents": [
    "Name": "FedEx.csv.zip",
    "Size": 89327,
    "Folder": ""
  "Code": 200,
  "Status": "OK"

Happens on both the website API documentation when I try it there, as well as a real API call.

We found the issue(CELLSCLOUD-11325). And we will fix it as soon as.


We have fixed the issue. Please try it again.

Fast fix! Confirmed working. Thanks!