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AWS S3 storage option not working as expected

I am evaluating the cloud version. We have been long time users of the on-premises version (C# and Java version). We are using the NodeJS SDK for cloud.

I am attempting to add a new worksheet to a file. Below is an excerpt from the code.

const req = new CellsWorksheets_PutAddNewWorksheetRequest(); = ‘Book1.xlsx’;
req.sheetName = ‘Sheet11’;
req.position = 1;
req.sheettype = ‘’;
req.folder = ‘’; = ‘test_stage’;

The ‘test_stage’ is an AWS S3 bucket. I can see the files in the bucket in the My Dashboard > My files. ‘test_stage’ is the storage name set in the ‘Storage Name’ field.

However when I run a test application it is updating a workbook located in the ‘Aspose for Cloud Default Storage 0’ storage area.

How do I use the S3 bucket or are there any known issues with this?




Please double check that you have configured Amazon S3 storage as suggested in the documentation. You can pass configured storage name in your API request as StorageName parameter. For File path, if you do not pass foldername then path points to the root of storage otherwise respective folder. For example, mydocs/test.xlsx points to file test.xlsx in the mydocs folder. Hopefully it will help you to figure out the issue. However, if the issue persists, then please share your credentials along with the AWS S3 storage name from dashboard in a private message. We will look into the issue and guide you accordingly.

P.S: for private message, click on my username in the post and use message tab for the purpose.