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Async requests to Aspose.Words REST API for Word document processing solution

In your assembly for .NET, there is a method named InvokeApi that sends a request in a synchronous way. Internally, this method calls InvokeApiInternal that contains the following:

var response = this.httpClient.SendAsync(httpRequest).GetAwaiter().GetResult();

With this, it should not be difficult to provide an async overload of the method, which will not block the thread while the document is processed…


We will appreciate it if you please confirm that which API are you using? And please also share some more details of your requirements. So we will guide you accordingly.

Hello Tilal,
I’m using the aspose-words-cloud-dotnet-masterassembly from your GitHub repository: aspose-words-cloud/aspose-words-cloud-dotnet: .NET library for communicating with the Aspose.Words Cloud API (

I don’t need to be guided, I just saw that yout Invoke method is synchronous, but you must also provide an asynchronous method to do the same thing…


Thanks for the details. We have already logged a feature request(WORDSCLOUD-455) to support the asynchronous calls to Aspose.Words Cloud API. We will notify you as soon as it is resolved.