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Aspose.Words critical memory leak in 22.4

I will try to expose the problem in as much detail as possible as it costed us a lot until we identify it.

We upgraded our Aspose libraries to version 21.10 some time ago.
We released that version and a problem was identified with word documents.

Error was “w16sdtdh is an undeclared prefix…”

We researched and found out this is a known issue and we updated to version 22.4. We tested it and everything seemed fine

When we pushed to production however we broke our web server. Aspose.Words is used from our WebServer application to Merge documents and return to clients the results.
The web application is hosted under IIS.
Problem consists in requests getting stuck and never time out and never finish and hogging CPU in some endless background aspose threads.
This leads to pretty quick utilization of the whole server and crashing of the virtual machine just because it gets unbearable and cannot process anything.

There was some memory leak or some process getting STUCK and never stopping.
We tried to debug and analyze and what we found was related to Aspose.Words library and particulary the MailMerge feature.
We since then reverted back to 21.10 and that resolved the problem with the server CPU crashing but we are back to square one with the word document.

We also are not sure if only specific documents caused this CPU STUCK because our server is utilized by a lot of users and different documents that are getting merged. and we couldnt recreate it in test which leads me to believe its document specific.

Do you guys know about specific issue and may be if you know if you resolved something like that recently? Its very risky for us to upgrade again because its a Production trial/error at the moment if we can apply it or not.

We cannot afford trial/errors since we have huge customer base and strict requirements.
Any info about this problem and any help to resolve it will be greatly appreciated

Thank you

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