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Aspose to compare word documents


We are trying to use Aspose to compare 2 word documents and show the differences. We have below questions raised during our implementaiton.

  1. Is there a way to do the comparison without uploading the documents to Aspose servers?
  2. Can we achieve this document comparison by hosting locally and through code??

Any help help would be appreciated.

Thanks so much.


I’m afraid currently you need to upload files to cloud storage. However, it is not mandatory to use Aspose Cloud storage, you can use any third party cloud storage of your choice as well.

Yes, you can use Aspose.Words Cloud Docker Container to self host the Aspose.Words Cloud on your premises.

Please note , Aspose.Words Cloud documentation and SDK examples/code will work with Aspose.Words Cloud Docker, but all you need to set base uri as per your Docker container address. Please check this thread for sample code.