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Aspose.Storage Cloud API Package is missing in Aspsoe.Words Cloud API SDK for PHP

Hello Aspose Support,

We have upgraded the SDK in our Laravel project from v18.2 to v18.9 but we noticed that the inner packages such as Aspose Storage is not a part anymore of the required packages in the main SDK and we didn’t find a guide for the migration or examples of our implementation in the new version.

Could you advise with a migration tips from v18.2 to v18.9 for our implementation which you can find attached?


Best Regards,
AlexAsposeWordService.zip (1.2 KB)

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You need to add Aspose.Storage Cloud as a separate dependency to your project. You can download storage-sdk-php from the PHP package repository.

Moreover, the source code of the SDK is available at Github: https://github.com/aspose-storage-cloud/aspose-storage-cloud-php. The Sample Usage is given in the ReadMe file.

Please let us know if you face any difficulty in the integrating the SDK.

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@sohail.aspose Thanks for the provided information. We have implemented the needed changes for the newer SDKs.

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Good to know this.


Please note since API Version V4 release we have integrated APIs for storage operations within Aspose.Words Cloud API. Now there is no need to use of Aspose.Storage Cloud API anymore.

Can I recommend you update your composer listing with this information?


Please note each Aspose Cloud Product Family has its own storage APIs for storage operations. Aspose.Storage Cloud API is obsolete now, so please use the latest versions of PHP SDKs. Please feel free to contact us If you face any issue in this regard,