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Aspose.Slides Cloud SDK for PHP is throwing intermittent System.OutOfMemoryException

Dear Support,

We are, as a paid customer, using the Slides Cloud API to merge PowerPoint files. We use it with the PHP SDK (version 19.7).

Unfortunately, we are receiving a lot of OutOfMemory exceptions.

[400] Client error: POST resulted in a 400 Bad Request response:
{“error”:{“code”:“error”,“message”:“Exception of type ‘System.OutOfMemoryException’ was thrown.”,“description”:"System.O (truncated…)

Those exceptions are appearing randomly and with different set of files but are quite frequent, making the system virtually unusable for production use.

How can we solve the issue ?


We are sorry for your inconvenience. We will appreciate it if you please share some problematic input files here to replicate the issue at our end. It will help us to address your issue exactly.