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Aspose PDF API -Something clogging the system? taking long time to get return

Aspose PDF taking incredibly long to return, is there something wrong with the system ??


We are sorry for the inconvenience. It seems there was a temporary issue that caused the delay. As I just tested the scenario twice using your credentials and it took 10 seconds in the first attempt and 3+ seconds in the second attempt.

We are also noticing considerable slowness in api response time


Please confirm which API method you are using and also share your sample input document(s). We will try to replicate the issue at our end and share our findings with you.

We are using multiple Methods to complete our process.

ConvertDocument - 30 secs +
DownloadFileAsync - 12 secs +
ReplaceText - 2 secs +
AppendDocument -3secs +
UploadFileAsync -12 secs+

the length of time is causing 502 and 504 gateway errors for our clients can we please have an update as to why this is taking so long. It previously only took between 9-13 seconds for all calls to be completed


Thanks for sharing the additional information. We are investigating the logs and will share our findings with you asap.

@tilal.ahmad A few examples of calls taking so long they are still causing 502 and 504 errors and our Clients still cannot use our system. Over 1min for the last call Please can you update us ASAP

Request Trace Id
Request Start Date
2021-12-01 2:56:06 PM
Request End Date
2021-12-01 2:56:31 PM

Request Trace Id
Request Start Date
2021-12-01 2:53:54 PM
Request End Date
2021-12-01 2:54:24 PM

Request Trace Id
Request Start Date
2021-12-01 2:51:48 PM
Request End Date
2021-12-01 2:52:13 PM

Method Name
API Version
Request Trace Id
Request Start Date
2021-12-01 2:50:06 PM
Request End Date
2021-12-01 2:51:10 PM

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Here is another image of the response times from Aspose

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Running super slow here too for docx splits/joins. Can something be put up on the status page so it’s official that there’s an issue as I have customers complaining.

@jbrady1990, @divvyhomes, @pellcompSoftware

Thanks for your patience. One of our containers had some memory usage issues that caused the problem. We fixed the issue and still monitoring it. The APIs should be working as expected now.