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Aspose Doc Importer configuration problem


I’m having a problem activating the plug-in, getting the key to allow the
plug-in to actually active and embedded within the wordpress menu. My goal
is to download all website data, not for another website, but to have all
the pages, posts, and media in pdf format for my own files and reference. I
am getting a re-direct to a related website when I click on the Aspose link;
the related website gives me something that looks like a key but it does not
seem to kick start the Aspose Doc Importer app to become embedded within my
wordpress website. The domain name is
Thank you for any assistance at all.

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We will appreciate it if you please share some more details of your requirement. It will help us to guide you exactly.

As per your above requirement you want to export(download) Posts/Pages/Media of your website in PDF. However, Aspose Doc Importer reads the DOC/DOCX file and import in the WordPress editor.