Aspose Doc Exporter plugin


Dear Sirs,

I have tried many times of using your plugin but I always get an empty document (word) or an empty zip. Y have seen I am not the only one that has this problem.

How can I solve the problem? I have read how to put the app in there, and I think it has been done perfectly.

Best regards

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The only reason you are getting empty output document is that either

  1. you have not specified App Key and App SID in the Plugin Settings or
  2. mistakenly wrote App Key value in App SID field and App SID value in App Key field.

If not already, please get your App Key and App SID from

Secondly go to Plugin Settings page:

Finally, enter App Key and App SID in the respective fields:

The plugin should now work correctly.


I had already read this thread. I have followed the instructions more than 10 times and it does not work.

Your panel is not clear for me. Should I use all the times the same app or should I create a different one everytime?

It is a pity that it does not work. When it function ok is a very interesting plugin.

Thanks in advanced and regards.



Would it be possible you create a simple video showing the steps you are taking to export Blog Posts to Word documents? It may help us in reproducing the issue on our end.

Thank you for your kind cooperation.