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Aspose Cloud Storage space quota error with WordPress Plugin

I am using the wordpress plugin and it has now encountered an error where it wont download the files because of a storage space error. This is despite the fact that there is nothing stored in the files. So how do I clear the storage its talking about?

The error code is:

Error: Your have processed several files with total size of ‘36613821’. Your pricing plan allows only ‘31457280’ MB… Method: Upload the file… Parameters: path ‘output_1509264849.htm’,versionId ‘’,storage ‘’


Thank you for contacting Aspose Support.

The free tier that you are using allows for up to 30MB of API Bandwith a Month. You have an option of either waiting for next month to process your files when your bandwidth counter will be reset, or you can purchase additional bandwidth for a nominal price.

Aspose Cloud supports a very flexible pricing plan, where you pay for only the bandwidth that you use. For more information you can check our pricing plan and purchase the pricing plan accordingly.

If you require any further information, please do let us know.


Please note the latest Aspose.Words Exporter WordPress Plugin has free and unlimited access to Aspose Cloud APIs to export WordPress Posts/Pages to supported file formats. Now you do not need to sign up with, just a single click configures the Plugin.