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Aspose Cloud storage space allocation issue

Hello! I just created a new trial account on the cloud service and I am unable to adjust the storage allocation. This is something that has worked for me in the past (with a different account). Here are the steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a new account
  2. Go to "My Storage"
  3. There is already "Aspose for Cloud Default Storage"
  4. It will already have the full 250 MB allocated
  5. Edit the default storage (to lower the amount)
  6. Under “Storage Allowance” it says 256 MB of 0 MB (because it is all allocated)
  7. I try to change the 256 to something lower like 100
  8. I get an error message that says "Quota must be greater than 0 and less than 0 MB"

I can’t lower the allocation so that I can free up space to define new storage. It seems to be OK on accounts where there is unallocated space - maybe this just happens when space is fully allocated? Is this a known issue?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi Bryan,

Can you please share the email ID associated to the account you are referring in your query?

Best Regards,