Aspose Cloud Storage AWS S3 Error

Morning @tilal.ahmad, it looks like the original S3 error message is back. We’ve had some production failures earlier with this following message:

AmazonS3 Storage exception: The bucket you are attempting to access must be addressed using the specified endpoint. Please send all future requests to this endpoint.

Could you arrange for somebody to take another look at this please?


We apologize for the inconvenience caused. We are already looking into the issue with high priority.

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Hi @tilal.ahmad,

Is there any update on this issue? Our PRODUCTION system has been down all day.


Thanks for your patience. Please check that it is working now.

Hi Tilal,

what credentials do you need from me?


If you are still facing the issue, then please share your aspose credentials(Client Id and Secret) in the private message.

Hi @tilal.ahmad Yes, it is working. May I enquire what you have changed? And may I also ask why outage and the outage from earlier in the week is not recorded on your status page?

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Earlier today, we deployed some changes that started causing the above exception later in the day. So we have to rollback it.

Actually, the status page shows the overall health of the Aspose.Words Cloud API. In this particular case, the API is working, but it throws exceptions for a few requests while using Aspose Internal Storage. Today, 1663 requests were for this issue out of 120000+ requests.

I would want the status page to be updated if there an error rate like this (1.4% error rate based on the numbers you reported). I would expect the status page to be updated if anything was known not to be working regardless of volume. I’d rather have the bad information sooner so that I can use it to make decisions like communicating with our customers. It may be 1.4% of overall errors, but it represents 100% failure in our product.

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We appreciate your feedback. At present, our status page indicates the operational status of the API, indicating whether it is operational or experiencing downtime, but it does not display exceptions. Nevertheless, we will explore ways to incorporate exception information into the status page.

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