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Aspose cloud + dashboard not working

Hi, We are unable to upload + convert (Word) documents. And it’s also not possible to login to our Aspose Cloud account:,, Whats going wrong?

Looks like the same issue we’re having. Might be time to look for alternatives, since it’s affecting our users and nobody here has responded yet.

Same issue here. We are not being able to convert from xls to pdf anymore. Do you know any alternative apis?

See status page: There are some incidents the past few hours and i see they are being fixed so at least someone is working on the errors.

I have tested a lot of tools/services and Aspose is by far the best out there.

For simple conversion, cloudconvert looks like it could do the job just fine. Not as many features as Aspose, but it looks like support actually comes with the product.

They may have the most features, but it seems with no SLA, and no way to even report an outage, it can’t be relied upon to do business critical work.

The status event appear to be coming from a robot(healthcheck), and the “fix” only means that a metric has fallen below a threshold.

I am having the same problem - Word document manipulation timing out, dashboard taking 10+ minutes to load (still hasn’t finished loading). Very frustrating that this service isn’t reliable.

Aspose, please respond urgently!!!

@24editor, @shatteredarm1, @fabiopreti, @it_tidyinternational, @digiwise

We are sorry for the inconvenience. We are investigating the issue and will update you shortly.

Thanks for the update @tilal.ahmad - we are affected also (Aspose.Words Cloud API)

@Brendan_Knowles, @24editor, @shatteredarm1, @fabiopreti, @it_tidyinternational, @digiwise

We have restarted our production SQL server, it was very busy. It should work now.

However, we are investigating the root cause of incident to avoid this situation in future.

@Brendan_Knowles, @24editor, @shatteredarm1, @fabiopreti, @it_tidyinternational, @digiwise

We have found a problem with our production DB. This week we will launch new versions of micro-services so they will not depend on that DB anymore but only legacy API versions (1.0/1.1/2.0).

So it is recommend to upgrade your SDKs to the latest version of the API.