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Aspose Cloud API Unauthorized Exception

Is this a licensing/subscription issue?
com.aspose.asposecloudpdf.APIException Unauthorized
com.aspose.asposecloudpdf.ApiClient.handleresponse (APIClient.java.815)


It seems you are passing incorrect credentials(Client Id and Client Secret) in the PdfApi method. Kindly double check your credentials from aspose.cloud dashboard. Hopefully, it helps.

What Credentials are you referring to? Is that our UserID/password? I see no Client ID or Client Secret when I log in.

We are a Cloud API account. Where do I get Client ID and Client Secret?

We’ve never had to change these in 2 years


We will appreciate it if you please share your sample code and credentials. Please share credentials via a private message. For private message, click on my user icon and opt the message tab with the required information. Kindly remove “RE:” from the title as well. We will investigate the issue and will update you.


You can check the credentials passed in code(PdfApi method) and in the respective application of your aspose.cloud account are same.

Thank you. The issue has been resolved. There was a keying change error in the our Client ID and Secret Word.

Thank you for your support.

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