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Aspose Cloud API calls fail with error : You have reached the limit of credits (credits used: 160)

Hello , Im getting this as a response in a call. Does anyone know what this means?

“You have reached the limit of credits (credits used: 160). You are allowed to use only 150 credits. Please upgrade your plan to remove the limit”



The exception is self explanatory. It seems you are using free trial plan and it allows 150 free API calls per month. Please upgrade to paid plan, it will allow you more API calls.

I do have a paid plan. Your company charges my company credit card $99 each month. is the key and ID what is used to identify an api call as free or paid?


Please share the email id associated with your paid plan. We will investigate it and will guide you accordingly.

The credentials are associated with your free/paid plan applications.

can i post confidential information here such as CC #? is this public or private?


You can share the information via private message. Kindly click on my user name and use the message button for this purpose.

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Please follow the issue in the following thread.