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Aspose.Cells Cloud の API 経由で PutConvertWorkbook を用いて Excel を HTML に変換するとスタイルが崩れることがある

以下のようなコード(Kotlin)を用いて Aspose.Cells Cloud を用いて Excel を HTML に変換したいのですが、半分以上の確率でダウンロードした HTML のスタイルが崩れてしまいます。
上手く変換できている HTML と比較すると明らかにファイルサイズが異なり、HTMLの構造もBase64で埋め込んでいる画像も欠損しています。

val excelFile = File(excelFilePath)
val htmlFileName = “export.html”
val request = PutConvertWorkbookRequest().apply {
checkExcelRestriction = false
format = “html”
file = hashMapOf(htmlFileName to excelFile)
val cellsApi = CellsApi(asposeClientId, asposeClientSecret)


Please try to add extended query parameters. And refer to the following code:

    request.extendQueryParameterMap = new  Dictionary<string, string>();


Thank you for your reply, but the PutConvertWorkbookRequest class does not have a property named extendQueryParameterMap. I am using Aspose.Cells for Cloud Java SDK, available at https://github.com/aspose-cells-cloud/aspose-cells-cloud-java.

Is there an alternative solution?


We will refer to Net SDK to provide you with a solution as soon as possible.

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We had added a new feature about extend query parameters on the latest version.

Please refer to the following code or test case of Github :

String localName = “Book1.xlsx”;
String remoteName = “Book1.xlsx”;
String format = “html”;
String newfilename = “DotNetSDK/OutResult/PostExcelSaveAs.html”;
CellsApiUtil.Upload(api, remoteFolder + “/” + remoteName , localName , “”);
PostWorkbookSaveAsRequest request = new PostWorkbookSaveAsRequest();
HtmlSaveOptions saveOptions = new HtmlSaveOptions();
HashMap<String, String> extendQueryParameterMap = new HashMap<>();
extendQueryParameterMap.put(“SaveAsSingleFile”, “true”);
extendQueryParameterMap.put(“ExportImagesAsBase64”, “true”);
SaveResponse response = this.api.postWorkbookSaveAs(request);

Thank you!

I’ll try it.

Welcome to Aspose.Cells Cloud SDK. Please let us know if you encounter any issues. We will check them as soon as possible.