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API response time takes too long

Hello @tilal.ahmad,

We have noticed today that the API response time takes very long when using the MailMerge APIs, please note that we have made no changes to our implementation.

Also, we checked the status page and it shows that you have no incident. https://status.aspose.cloud

Do you have an ETA when this will be back to normal??

@b5digital Your request is related to Cloud version of Aspose.Words API. I will move the topic into the appropriate support forum. My colleagues will reply you shortly.


We are sorry for the inconvenience. We have noticed any Aspose.Words Cloud API response issue today. However, if you still facing the issue then you may share your template/data file for investigation.

Secondly, we have implemented auto-scaling feature on our cloud servers. It starts a new instance as soon as notices any high CPU utilization or memory consumption to ensure high availability.

@tilal.ahmad We started to face this yesterday and I can see it’s still happening today. As I mentioned our implementation & the templates we are using are the same for a few months now thus the delay is not related to that.

Could you check further at your side, and let us know? Thanks.


Thanks for your feedback. We are investigating the server logs and will share our findings with you shortly.