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API endpoint to get the account usage

Is there an api endpoint to get details about the account usage (plan, limits, usage)?
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We have GetUserUsage API method for the usage logs of the user but unfortunately, it is not working as expected. We logged a ticket BILLING-257 to rectify it. Meanwhile, we will be happy to provide your usage details. Please confirm the billing month/date range so we will provide the details accordingly.

Thank you… is there a way that you can notify us when the API endpoint will be ready for use?


I am afraid currently we cannot share any ETA. We linked this thread to the ticket. As soon as it is resolved we will notify you.


The usage API ticket is still not resolved. However, as an update, please note we recently released a new dashboard GUI. Now, It provides an option to get your API usage logs with the date range. Meanwhile, it will work.