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API daily call limits (subscription)

We have an active subscription for cloud cells API. If we set a daily API call limit and that limit is reached, setting a higher limit seems to have no immediate effect. Do we need to wait 24h for changes to take effect? And how is it with the monthly API calls limit, what happens when that is reached and we need to immediately set a higher limit to “unlock” the API again?


Thanks for your inquiry. We are looking into your query and will update you shortly.

Thank you. We removed the limit for that application in the dashboard yesterday. Today, the API first worked but then the limit error message appeared again. Seems the change was not applied …


The change in daily API calls limit of an application has no immediate effect but, it takes 4-5 minutes to take effect of new settings.

We are sorry for the inconvenience. Can you please confirm are you still facing the issue?

The API is now working properly, the limit appears to have now been removed. Thank you for your help.

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