API Availability for Embedded Object

Hi Team,
We need to below manipulation a PPT. Please confirm whether these apis available or not. Kindly share the api sample for all the below if available .

  1. Adding tooltip on a Image( a message upon mouse hover on a Image and setting the link to slide itself) .
  2. Add Excel file as embedded Object inside slide and the set substitute picture format also.
  3. Add Prism File (.prism ) as embedded OLE Object inside slide and the set substitute picture format also.
  4. Convert PPT to PDF.
  5. Convert PPT To Docx (Please note on premises Aspose doesnt provide direct conersion of PPT to Docx , So we first convert PPT to PDF and then from PDF to Doc and Docx)
  6. Convert PDF to DOC and DOCX.

Thank you for contacting support.

PowerPoint documents do not support tooltips for presentation objects. It is only an application-specific feature. If I misunderstood you, please share a sample presentation with an image to demonstrate what you mean.

With Aspose.Slides Cloud SDKs, you can embed any files into PowerPoint presentations.
Add OLE Objects|Documentation

With Aspose.Slides Cloud SDKs, you can convert PowerPoint presentations to other file formats such as PDF, XPS, HTML, JPG, PNG, and many more.
Document Сonversion|Documentation

Aspose.Slides Cloud SDKs are also unable to convert from PPT to DOC directly. My colleagues from other Aspose teams will assist you shortly.

hi @andrey.potapov , we want to embedded as excel and .prism file as a display object not as icon. Please check the attached PPT.
EmbeddedPrismPPT_Output.zip (70.8 KB)

Could you kindly confirm that you have tried the methods described here? Can you please describe what difficulties you encountered and what exactly didn’t work out for you? What programming language did you use for this?