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Add predifined Header Footer based on a condition

I have a use case where I want to generate a word document with header and footer.
In a word document there are some predefined headers and footers. We can also create our own header and footer and set them in the predefined list.

I’d like to generate my document using Aspose Words by inserting a header and footer among the predefined list based on a condition.

Let’s say I have two footers named FOOTER_FR and FOOTER_EN in the list, one for french and the other for english.

In my code, if the condition is LANG=FR then I must insert the FOOTER_FR, FOOTER_EN otherwise.

My question is:

  • does Aspose Word is able to selected the specified Header or Footer among the existing predefined list in the word document ?
  • what is your recommendation to achieve my use case ?
  • do you have some example of code that I can have a look ?

I hope you will consider my questions.



We are looking into your requirements. Meanwhile, we will appreciate it if you please confirm you are interested in our on premise (downloadable) API or Cloud API. And please share your sample Word Document with predefined header/footer list. It will help us to address your requirements exactly.