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Add MaxResolution option in Aspose.PDF Cloud


Is there any plan to add the MaxResolution option to Aspose Pdf Cloud? We are running this on Node and would like to add the capability.

many thanks.


As per my understanding you need MaxResolution option support in PostOptimizeDocument API Method. We have logged a ticket PDFCLOUD-1615 for the requirement. However, if there is some difference in your requirement and my understanding, then please share some more details, so we will address it accordingly.

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Thank you, yes we need MaxResolution as well as ResizeImages options if possible.

Many thanks for your help.


Sure, we have planned to implement all the ImageCompressionOptions in Optimize Options of Aspose.PDF Cloud. We will notify you as soon as the issue is resolved.


We have resolved your above reported issue. Now, you can find the required optimize options in Aspose.PDF Cloud 20.7 release.