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Accessing image URLs from internal servers with Aspose.Words Cloud API


We are using Aspose.words cloud to convert HTML to Word.
During the process, they’re some image URLs which point to our internal file server.

The request from Aspose for these images fail due to security restrictions on our internal servers.

Could you please share the IP address(es) or IP range from which the outgoing requests for Aspose.Words HTML to Word conversion are made in order to whitelist them at our end and enable them to converted using Aspose.



Please spare us some time to analyze whether we can share such IP addresses list.


Because of the following reason, you either have to add all Amazon IPs into the white list, or you have to move your images to our storage:

Static IP feature in Amazon Auto Scaling is not supported at this moment. Each time an instance is launched by the ASG, a public IP from the Amazon’s pool of public IPv3 addresses is associated.

So, you may have to allow AWS IP Address Range ( but that will not be enough since you will allow ALL AWS EC2 instances.