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Accept all revisions and convert to html

I need to accept all revisions for a word document and convert it to html using Python. I have a code that worked for some time, but I’m now getting errors after upgrading the aspose api.

My code:

  def convertWordToHTML(self, word, isDocxFormatted):
          with tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile(mode='wb+') as tmp:
              # Upload original document to cloud storage.
              extension = 'docx'
              if not isDocxFormatted:
                 extension = 'rtf'
              dest_name = uuid.uuid4().hex + '.' + extension
              upload_file_request = asposewordscloud.models.requests.UploadFileRequest(file_content = tmp, path = dest_name)
               response = self.words_api.upload_file(upload_file_request)
           # Calls AcceptAllRevisions method for document in cloud.
           request = asposewordscloud.models.requests.AcceptAllRevisionsRequest(name = dest_name)
           response = self.words_api.accept_all_revisions(request)
           html_file = uuid.uuid4().hex + ".html"
           request_save_options_data = asposewordscloud.HtmlSaveOptionsData(save_format="html"
                                                                           file_name = html_file,
           request = asposewordscloud.models.requests.SaveAsRequest(name = dest_name, save_options_data = request_save_options_data)
           response = self.words_api.save_as(request)
           request = asposewordscloud.models.requests.DownloadFileRequest(path = html_file)
           result = self.words_api.download_file(request)
           with open(result, 'r', encoding="utf-8") as fh:
              html = fh.read()
           return html


Please share your input document and error details as well. It will help us to investigate and address your issue exactly.