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504 Gateway Timeout Errors For All Exports

I purchased a WordPress Business Plan to use the Aspose.Words plugin, saved the default configuration settings for the DOCX export plugin Version 6.3.1, and found I had to change from Default View to Classic View to enable the selectable checkboxes on WP to initialize an export. Clicking the Apply button for any number of published articles times out after 2 minutes returning a “504 Gateway Time-Out Error” and no files appear in the default internal storage folder at https://dashboard.aspose.cloud/files.

I initially attempted to export all 339 published articles at once. When that failed, I tried the first page of 20 articles. When that similarly failed I tried the first 10. All return the 504 error.

Can someone please assist me today?

UPDATE: By selecting only 5 articles at a time and refreshing the page after each 504 error, by the fifth to sixth attempt I was able to get each batch of 5 to download to my local PC and repeated the process for all 339 articles over a period of several hours. I’m all set.

If there’s a way around the error for larger batches to download I’d love to hear it.

Thank you.


We are sorry for the inconvenience. We are investigating the issue and will share our findings with you as soon.

Please note it is expected behavior. We do not keep data in our cloud storage, converted content is automatically wiped as soon as the import/export process is completed.