502 Bad Gateway errors in Aspose.PDF

Receiving 502 error when trying to convert html-file in Azure storage to pdf via REST-API. Sometimes after a few retries in the code it comes through, but after 5 failed retries we don’t get a result.

Tested connection to Azure storage and it looks good. Also checked clientID & clientsecret just to be sure.

Please look into this, because we have to send out the pdf-files.

Please share your input document with us. We will try to replicate and investigate the issue.

Hi @oleg.subachev ,

Thanks for your reply. The input file doesn’t seem to matter too much. I tested it yesterday with a simple html-file and I got a 502 bad gateway error (retried 5 times).
This morning I had a few failed logic app runs (5 retries to the Aspose-api), but other runs of the same logic app succeeded (one without retries and one with 2 retries). So it’s kind of hit or miss: sometimes it gets through and other times not. I don’t know if you can access our logging, where you can observe the requests and pass/failure?
For completion, yesterday I tested with this html-file in the Azure storage account on our testserver:

	<title>Test html file</title>
	<h1>This is a test file</h1>
	Simple test file to check pdf generation



Should you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.
Thanks in advance.

same issue what has changed? we need immediate support on this? is there an outage?

We are encountering an increase in 502/504 errors again when trying to call Aspose Cloud Words/PDF - it seems this fix has regressed. This is unacceptable for a production environment and needs to be rectified ASAP.

We have just updated infrastructure that backs Aspose.PDF Cloud.
Please, try your tasks again.
There must be far less 50X errors.

Hi @oleg.subachev

Sorry for the late reply, I was out of office. Just checked and everything seems to be working again.
Thanks for fixing this!