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Word to HTML conversion as Zip file with Aspose.Words Cloud SDK for PHP corrupts the output


I'm having a problem when converting a .doc for a .html (.zip)

I'm using Aspose via PHP SDK (Cloud).

I can send the .doc file to the server's Aspose and it returns me a .zip, but when I try to open this .zip it is corrupted.

I tested too by trying to convert the same .doc into .pdf and it works perfectly.

I may be doing something wrong when converting to html? There's something I do to resolve the problem?

I can not convert any .doc file to .html, I tried several different .doc files.

Thank you!


Aspose.Words for Cloud returns the output in the form of .html file. Can you please change the extension of your output file from .zip to .html e.g. to Output.html and check the Output.html?

If you still see any issue, please share your input document for further investigation.

Best Regards,

Yes, you are right!

Thanks for help. I changed the extension to .html e now it works!