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Word Mail Merge Image support in Node.js

I see here that images are supported, and the example uses publicly accessible image URLs:


Is there any other way to specify an image, or does the image have to be available over HTTP?

Also - how do size an image if it is just a template tag?

Thanks, Dan


Aspose.Words Cloud Mail Merge feature supports image population from web and storage as shared in following JSON text. It seems ExecuteMailMergeOnline API method is not working as expected. It does not use the storage at all. However, we have logged a ticket(WORDSCLOUD-1750) to investigate it.

  "Items": [
    "Caption" : "This is the first caption !!!",
	"Img" : {
		"Url" : "http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/e/e0/Nagasakibomb.jpg/300px-Nagasakibomb.jpg",
		"Width" : "100px",
		"Height" : "50px"
	"Caption" : "This is the second caption !!!",
	"Img" : "Images/Nagasakibomb.jpg"

So there is no way to specify size in the template? Size is presentation logic, not data.


We already logged a ticket(WORDSCLOUD-1447) for the requirement to set image size in the template. We have linked your post to the ticket and will notify you as soon as it is resolved.