Unable to use Page Number Stamp REST API



I’m trying to use Add Page Number Stamp to a PDF Page.
It only stamp the page that I put it on url. Is there a way to put the stamp on all pages?

Please help




Thank you for contacting Aspose Support.

I am afraid, at present, there is no API that let you add Stamp on all pages of a PDF document in a single API call. We have logged this feature request PDFCLOUD-389 in our internal tracking software and we are working to provide the requested API.

Meanwhile, you can call GET /pdf/{name}/pages API to get pages information of a PDF document then call
PUT /pdf/{name}/pages/{pageNumber}/stamp for each page of a PDF document to add a stamp on it.


Hi Sohail,

Thanks for the response.

So is this stamp action as a billable operation?



Yes, PUT /pdf/{name}/pages/{pageNumber}/stamp is a billable operation. Please check this page for Pricing details.