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Setting WorkSheet cell with specials characters in PHP using Aspose.Cells Cloud


I’m using Aspose cloud Cell API for setting cells in a worksheet. (using php sdk actually)

When I try to make an update as : est à moi&type=string

I get :

Error Code: 403, Forbidden

If I only use usual chars, it’s work.
I can’t find any intels on this on your doc.
Do I miss something ? A charset config maybe ?


Hi Ogys,

Thanks for your posting and using Saaspose Cells.

I checked your issue with (.net sdk) and was not able to replicate this issue. I was able to successfully put value “Il est à moi” in cell C3.

Could you please check if your worksheet and workbook names are correct?

You are not missing anything and there is no requirement of charset config to put your test string.