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Self Host Aspose Questions


Is there more information on the technical aspects of self hosting Aspose Cloud?

What are the system requirements for self hosting Aspose Cloud? Is the pricing the same as the cloud offering

The page linked from the self host page is blank.



Thank you for contacting us.

Aspose offers its APIs either as Downloadable/Native APIs or REST APIs. The pricing details of Aspose Native APIs are given here and Aspose REST APIs at

The page linked from the self-host page is blank.

The link has been restored.


So the self host is not really self hosting the cloud REST APIs? Is that correct? Do you have plans for offering this? We would like to use the REST APIs but have the service hosted on our own cloud.



Yes, we do not provide an option to self-host Aspose REST APIs.

If you are not comfortable with Aspose Cloud Storage, you can use third party storage such as Amazon S3, Dropbox, Azure and Google Drive as a Storage Provider with Aspose REST APIs. More details regarding this configuration are given here