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Remove "Created in the cloud with Saaspose.Words." text


I’m testing saaspose cloud API to convert doc and docw document to pdf and epub document.

I made it work, it works fine but the API add this text at the begining of the converted documents : “Created in the cloud with Saaspose.Words.”.

Does this text is added only on free trial account or it’s added to paid account too ?
Is there a parameter to remove it or something else ?

Have a great day,

Hi Sylvain,

Thanks for your inquiry. Yes, it is because you are using a trial Saaspose account. A trial Saaspose account is only for the testing purposes. To avoid this header text, it is must you have at least startup package plan. This header text will not be included in the paid account. Please see our package plans here:

Please let us know in case of further assistance or questions.