Public image not coming while doing Html to Word conversion


Hi Team,

We are doing Html -> Word conversion. One of public image is not coming in word report. The issue is happening in section “3.2 Second open ended question with single choice inline question -Option 1”

The html and word files are attached herewith: (30.5 KB)

Nipun Jain



We are able to reproduce the issue on our end. We are looking into this issue (WORDSCLOUD-591) and will update you here as soon as the issue is fixed.



This issue will be fixed in the next release of Aspose.Words Cloud which is due by the mid of next month (November 2018).

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Hi Team,

We are going live with Aspose Integration in the coming week. We have already purchased Aspose.Words cloud license and the integration with Aspose Api’s is almost complete.Can you please expedite the resolution for this particular bug, as this feature is a must have for our customers.

Moreover, can you please share the internal logs/ errors that you might be seeing, as this issue is only happening with images hosted on our servers. It will help us to further investigate this issue at our end as well.

Nipun Jain



Sure, we will provide you with the details if there is anything to be fixed on your end.



We have investigated the issue. Actually, there is a protocol violation on the Image Server, and the server is writing some bad headers and causing the request to fail. To solve this problem we have to set useUnsaveHeadersParsing to true.

We do not think that we have to fix this inside Aspose.Words. The server with the image works incorrectly, and we can download the image only by turning on an insecure setting at the level of the entire application. Applying this option inside Aspose.Words is wrong.


Hi Sohail,

In order to resolve this issue, we can whitelist the Aspose.Words IP that is making the request to fetch the public images.

Could you please share the IP address(es) or IP range from which the outgoing requests for Aspose.Words HTML to Word conversion are made in order to whitelist them at our end and enable them to converted using Aspose.



Please follow this thread Aspose.words IP addresses for Whitelisting for an answer to your query.