Pricing grid incorrect



In your pricing grid for the Cloud products:

…you list two different numbers for the total docs allowed under the Free plan. The box at the top of the page says 100, but the detailed grid lower on the page says 5.

I’m guessing that 5 should be 100.


And BTW-- Your pricing is surprisingly hard (and time consuming) to find. A Pricing link at the very top level of navigation would be helpful.




Hi Bob,

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your valuable input.

Yes, you are right 5 should be 100. We will correct this typo shortly. Regarding pricing link, we have a pricing button on each page of cloud products but you are right the size of the button is smaller and sometimes it can be ignored. We will make pricing link more prominent and make sure it is easy for customers to notice it.

Best Regards,