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How to self Host Aspose REST APIs to manipulate office documents in Cloud

Is there more information on the technical aspects of self hosting Aspose Cloud?

What are the system requirements for self hosting Aspose Cloud? Is the pricing the same as the cloud offering https://purchase.aspose.cloud/pricing

The page https://purchase.aspose.com/policies/license-types/ linked from the self host page is blank.


Thank you for contacting us.

Aspose offers its APIs either as Downloadable/Native APIs or REST APIs. The pricing details of Aspose Native APIs are given here https://purchase.aspose.com/pricing and Aspose REST APIs at https://purchase.aspose.cloud/pricing.

The page https://purchase.aspose.com/policies/license-types/ linked from the self-host page is blank.

The link has been restored.

So the self host is not really self hosting the cloud REST APIs? Is that correct? Do you have plans for offering this? We would like to use the REST APIs but have the service hosted on our own cloud.


Yes, we do not provide an option to self-host Aspose REST APIs.

If you are not comfortable with Aspose Cloud Storage, you can use third party storage such as Amazon S3, Dropbox, Azure and Google Drive as a Storage Provider with Aspose REST APIs. More details regarding this configuration are given here https://docs.aspose.cloud/display/storagecloud/How+to+Configure+3rd+Party+Cloud+Storages.


Please note, recently we have launched Aspose.Words Cloud Docker Container, a self hosting solution. We are in the process of launching Docker Container of the other Aspose Cloud APIs in the near future as well. So currently now, you can deploy Aspose.Words Cloud API at your own premises for Word document processing solution without depending on the api.aspose.cloud. Please check the documentation for details to run Aspose.Words Docker Container and this forum post for details.

Furthermore, please note the pricing plan is the same as our cloud based service with the exception that storage methods are not charged. To purchase and receive a Cloud Metered License key please contact the Aspose Cloud sales team and feel free to contact us for any further assistance.

@tilal.ahmad Are you able to provide an estimated release date for docker containers of other cloud APIs? Specifically PDF and cells

Thank you


I’m afraid currently we do not have any tentative release date of Aspsoe.PDF Cloud and Aspose.Cellls Cloud Docker Containers. However, we have requested our product team to share their plan. We will notify you as soon as we get an update.

PDFCLOUD-1654: Aspose.PDF Cloud Docker Container release
CELLSCLOUD-10325: Aspose.Cells Cloud Docker Container release

@RBIEGTechTeam, @JaredS

We are pleased to inform you that we have published Aspose.Cells Cloud Docker Container in Aspose.Cells Cloud 20.11 release. It will help you to self-host Aspose.Cells Cloud at your server.