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Getting Started with Aspose.Words for Cloud PHP


I’ve tried to run the my first code in numerous ways for the last two days but no matter what I tried, I could not run it. So, here I’m.
I downloaded and installed the Aspose.Words-Cloud-SDK-for-PHP package with composer in the same directory with my php code.

After that I added following code (which I copied from documentation) into my php file:

$inputPath = getcwd() . “/TSG.doc”;
$fileName = basename($inputPath);
$outputPath = getcwd() . “/MyOutputFile1.docx”;
$appSID = “1b25*************”;
$appKey = “dca95************”;
$save_format = “docx”;
$strURI = “” . $save_format;
$signedURI = Sign($strURI, $appSID, $appKey);
$responseStream = uploadFileBinary($signedURI, $inputPath, ‘xml’);
saveFile($responseStream, $outputPath);

Note: I used complete appSID and appKey, not the above ones.

In the end, the only output I could get is the following message:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function Sign() in D:\XAMPP\htdocs\Login\new.php on line 75

I supposed that I should have added a require (or require_once) line at the beginning of my code because the “sign()” function propably belongs to Aspose API. So, I included all of api files in package into my “require” line, one by one. After that, I tried other packages, examples, etc from github and various combinations. Nothing has changed. I’ve received the same error message.

I miss something (or more) but what?

Which package should I download and where should I install it?
In my php code, how should I refer to Aspose API?
Do I ask wrong questions or is there any other question which I forget to ask?

Thanks in advance…

Hi Arhan,

Common methods like sign and uploadFileBinary are present inside Utils class. You can call them with reference to Utils e.g. Utils::sign

Please also check the tests folder at where a few tests are available for each API.

Best Regards,