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Export WordPress post to DOCX with category field using Aspose Doc Exporter WordPress Plugin

I am not sure if this is the correct forum. I have just downloaded and activated the wordpress plug-in Aspose Doc Exporter. I was wondering if there is some way that I can include the categories each post belongs to? I see that the settings ask if I want the date and the author but there is no mention of category. I will not be using author (as I am the only author :slight_smile:) . Is there possibly a way to fool Aspose into picking up all the categories in place of the author name?

On a more minor note, is there a way to ask that each post start on a new page?

Thanks a lot. I am hoping this tool will be quite useful. Thanks again…Jackie


Thank you for contacting Aspose Support.

We have logged a request in our internal tracking software (SDKDEV-798) for the customization of this plugin to include a category of the post. We will update you here once this feature is implemented.


We are pleased to inform you that “Categories” option has been added to Aspose Doc Exporter plugin. You can access this option in the Settings and it will let you include post “Categories” in the exported Word document.

Please download the latest version of the plugin 3.2 from here.