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Evaluation message embedded in output document using Aspose.Words Cloud API


Can you please confirm that in the paid cloud version of Aspose the message we don’t get the message “Created in the cloud with Aspose.Words for Cloud.”?


“Aspose for Cloud” does not embed Evaluation Messages on documents in both Trial and Paid plan. The trial plan only imposes processing limit of 30 MB per month.

The following articles will help you in understanding “Aspose for Cloud” pricing plan.


The free plan does embed messages for me. (See attached). The message “Created in the cloud with Aspose.Words for Cloud.” has been added twice (one for each operation I did on it).

Document (1).pdf (15.1 KB)

This is not a problem as the free plan is only for testing. I have just been asked to ensure that the paid plan does not show this message.


We assure you with Paid Plan no custom message would be embedded in documents while processing them.